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To all Faircity’ans, welcome to the new online Faircity Training Academy. One of our values is Internal Development of our staff. And we stick to our promises. This platform has been created to not only invest back into our staff, but to ensure we are able to live by our new slogan, Service by Design. Having the right team is No 1, for only then can we look after our Guests the way we should.
This platform will evolve over time and new courses will continuously be added to the list of skills we want to be better at. You, your line manager and the General Manager of your property, will use this tool to plan your future. And it is only up to you!

You will start with the Faircity Induction video and quiz, and only if passed will you move into the mainstream programmes listed on the platform. You can only do one course at a time, and need to achieve 75% or higher to move onto the next course. Each staff member enrolled to this exclusive platform will have to pass 3 courses per annum to be eligible for bonuses.

The platform has been written in such a way that it is accessible via PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone, which ensures you can increase your skill level in the comfort of your own time.

Your success is in your own hands. We are there to assist you on this journey. Remember, believe in yourself, work hard, and go for it. You are worth it!

Good luck!

Lukas van der Westhuizen
Managing Director


How to join

  1. You will require an invitation to register and obtain login details
  2. Contact your manager for an invitation
  3. Once you log in, you will be directed to the course listing page.